Sunday, 27 March 2011

What goes around...

"Muuuuummm, you said you would play a board game with us this afternoon"

"Oh yes, so I did" (damn, they remembered...) "Go and choose something from the cupboard"

"Monopoly - good choice" (OH NO!!)

So, I'll try and squeeze in a few rounds of my granny squares in between my go, they won't notice...

10 minutes later....

That'll be that then - eldest son does not like it when he is losing...although I can see my mother smirking with recognition at a game played 28 years ago with a similarly aged child....Karma I think its called...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tea for Two

My Ebay caravan teapot arrived in the post today - oh yes, I am in enamelware heaven! This beauty apparently holds 3 pints of tea, perfect for a brew on those chillier mornings (yes, I am psyching myself up for the colder temps)  My two Italian super market mugs look perfect with it, and practical as ever the robust enamel should hopefully stand the test of time♥ P.S - the sun is still shining☺

Monday, 21 March 2011

Next stop Norway..

Deary me, have almost 2 weeks really passed since I blogged last?  Where does they time go?  Right now in the Northern Hi-lights household we've been enjoying some mild sunny weather (last weekend it snowed!) and hit the beach yesterday for a picnic and a spot of beach cricket.

Beaches around the Aberdeenshire coast can be bracing, especially in March, but we got lucky yesterday, with a mild inland breeze making it warm enough to even take our hats and gloves off (we're hardy up here!)

We've also been making plans for some building work on our house and a few caravan trips.  Schools break up for the Easter break next Friday, and to be honest I can't wait - my batteries are running low and we all really need a break.  Hoping for milder weather so we can take the caravan out on it first voyage of the year - this has pushed me into action to try and finish  my 'boy' blanket for cosying up in the bunks on the chillier nights.

I still need to edge it with a contrasting colour (brown?) and no doubt once it's finished they will both want one!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cherry Bomb..

I'm wearing my favourite necklace today - my eldest made it for me last year from Fimo and it never fails to make me happy. 

Monday, 7 March 2011

Potting and Planning...

Another lovely bright Spring like day - could definitely feel some heat in the sun today! Potted up some bulbs and plants to brighten my front door step:-

Our minds have also started to turn to caravanning again - planning our first outing of the year this coming Easter holiday (yippee!!) I have been drooling over my favourite caravan styling book today, getting a few ideas - whats not to like?