Monday, 21 March 2011

Next stop Norway..

Deary me, have almost 2 weeks really passed since I blogged last?  Where does they time go?  Right now in the Northern Hi-lights household we've been enjoying some mild sunny weather (last weekend it snowed!) and hit the beach yesterday for a picnic and a spot of beach cricket.

Beaches around the Aberdeenshire coast can be bracing, especially in March, but we got lucky yesterday, with a mild inland breeze making it warm enough to even take our hats and gloves off (we're hardy up here!)

We've also been making plans for some building work on our house and a few caravan trips.  Schools break up for the Easter break next Friday, and to be honest I can't wait - my batteries are running low and we all really need a break.  Hoping for milder weather so we can take the caravan out on it first voyage of the year - this has pushed me into action to try and finish  my 'boy' blanket for cosying up in the bunks on the chillier nights.

I still need to edge it with a contrasting colour (brown?) and no doubt once it's finished they will both want one!


  1. Hi Elaine,
    Why on earth did I think you lived in the South West of Scotland??? Couldn't have been more wrong!
    I'm counting down to Easter hols too - our building work (cellar conversion for my Mum to live in) has been going on for 10 weeks now and I'm desperate for it to end! I love our builders but would like my house/drive/garden (CUPS!) back now!
    Not too many sleeps now,
    fee x

  2. Hi fee - must have been the Largs photos that did it! (MIL lives in South Ayrshire) We lived in Troon many years ago resulting in a soft spot for the area. Oh yes, the reality of having builders in the house - probably a bit like giving birth - you forget about the pain of it all once the end product is with you! - enjoy your week xx

  3. It's another 3 weeks until the Easter break here - it's a long term for my littlie. Someone told me Aberdeen was going to be the warmest place in the UK yesterday. Let's hope this weather sticks around for a while yet.