Monday, 7 March 2011

Potting and Planning...

Another lovely bright Spring like day - could definitely feel some heat in the sun today! Potted up some bulbs and plants to brighten my front door step:-

Our minds have also started to turn to caravanning again - planning our first outing of the year this coming Easter holiday (yippee!!) I have been drooling over my favourite caravan styling book today, getting a few ideas - whats not to like?


  1. Sounds like fun - that's what I thought I'd be doing when I retire, but I won't do it alone...too dangerous!

  2. Thanks for visiting me today - my flowers are brighter than yours...but have been picniked!!!

    Loving your caravan pictures...jane (teawaggontales) and i spend many hours designing our phantom caravans!!! One day...
    fee x

  3. I keep thinking about doing my pots outside - I really ought to actually do some!!

    I love the Cool Caravan book - at the moment that the closest I'll get to one - unless we win the lottery!!

  4. Vicki - we bought our 'vintage' 80's caravan for £500 last year from our local paper. They hold their value pretty well too, I reckon we could even sell it on for a profit now that we have 'spruced' it up a bit - I am a complete caravan convert!