Sunday, 27 March 2011

What goes around...

"Muuuuummm, you said you would play a board game with us this afternoon"

"Oh yes, so I did" (damn, they remembered...) "Go and choose something from the cupboard"

"Monopoly - good choice" (OH NO!!)

So, I'll try and squeeze in a few rounds of my granny squares in between my go, they won't notice...

10 minutes later....

That'll be that then - eldest son does not like it when he is losing...although I can see my mother smirking with recognition at a game played 28 years ago with a similarly aged child....Karma I think its called...


  1. Elaine - that made me laugh (and laugh some more)
    I am also known for being a terrible loser - apparently from a very young age I would huff, puff and spoil a game rather than risk losing.
    Nothing has changed - and these days, though I'm ashamed to say it, I don't let my boys, not even the littlest one. I tell myself they need to learn to lose....aahhh, the irony!
    Thanks for your comments on my vintage finds! Neither of the dresses fit me (natch!) but I'm sure I can do something with them.
    Hope you have a good week
    fee x

  2. (OH just had a little laugh familiar. He loves the teapot too!)
    fee x (and Cleggy)

  3. yes, and you always used to cheat! HA!

  4. I hate those dreaded words....mum can we play a board game?

    It always starts off so well and quickly turns sour after 10 minutes. There is usually a bit of crying, dice throwing, the words 'shut up loser' being screamed out and a stressed out mum! I don't know why I even bother saying yes anymore! I never bothered playing much as a child simply because I hated losing...or more to the point, my brother winning!

    It tickles me it is such a universal problem!!!!!!


  5. Oh and meant to say, the WORST ones out at the moment are lego games, because you can actually make rules up for them. So you can imagine, that rules get made up as they go along to benefit them!!!! USELESS!!!!!!!

  6. he he he...glad to know its not just us...we have banned 'frustration' for similar reasons, even my mum gets aggressive playing that game :) :)
    have a lovely week x x x x

  7. That's oh so familiar in this household! Really made me smile xox

  8. I finally cleaned out the drawer and took my board games to the local church op shop, just a couple of weeks ago. My youngest who is now 18 was a bit upset.... but as I pointed out to her the days of sitting around as a family playing board games are long gone. Thank goodness! There are only so many temper tantrums a mother can endure. :-)