Friday, 8 April 2011

...and off we go...

The boys and I have spent our first week of the holidays cleaning, preparing and stocking up our little caravan in preparation for our first trip away of the year.  Tomorrow we are heading down to Edinburgh for a few nights to soak up the sights and sounds of Scotland's fine capital, and then further south to Northumberland/Newcastle to spend some time with my family- I can't wait!

Back in a week with tales of our adventures..xx


  1. Hellooo!
    How exciting!
    Your set for some glorious weather too I here.
    Snow storm here this morning...crazy and then PLUS 12 freaky friday weather I call it!
    LOVING your gingham and polka dot...
    It all looks very snug.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your boys.

  2. Lucky Duck! Your caravan looks fab. I`m so jealous - wish I could buy a caravan and whisk my boys off for a lovely week away - but they`re 29 and 24 and probably past the age of getting excited about caravanning, plus I think their respective partners may just have something to say about that! Have a great time on your travels. I`m off to Glesgi tomorrow for the day - not quite the same but I`m looking forward to it anyway!
    p.s. that soap looks interesting - where to buy?

  3. Hi Nana - Enjoy Glasgow, different to Edinburgh but equally brilliant (good shopping), laughed at your comment about your boys! soap is Dr Bronner's ( a staple in our house, it is totally lush! xx

  4. Oh Elaine , your caravan looks gorg.
    We lived in our 26ft german caravan for a year with our girls, now it is looking quite sad in our friends field- It has so many repairs needed.
    I am wishing for lovely weather for you all. Have fun x

  5. It all looks so cosy. Have a great time.

  6. How exciting, those bunk beds look so cosy and your little spotty mugs hanging up look great...have fun and enjoy the sun :) :) :)

  7. I love how the first picture looks like the caravan has braces on.