Friday, 1 April 2011

A Cathrineholm Bowl..

So, I was making my usual Thursday rake around the local charity shops, spotted above bowl, which looked vaguely Scandinavian (with Norway stamped on the base) paid 50p for it and left, rather chuffed that I'd managed to find another enamelware piece..
Back home, I Googled Norwegian enamelware and the name Cathrineholm popped up..who'd a thought?

Cathrineholm print - Yumalum Etsy shop

The Lotus pattern series of Cathrineholm with bowls, pans and pots designed by the famous Norwegian designer Grete Prytz Kittelsen in the 1950’s. Enamelling was a Norwegian speciality in the early years of the 20th century. Characteristic of her designs were the abstract motifs and striking colours....there's even a flickr group dedicated to her designs.  I'm quite delighted with my find - I did a quick Ebay search and they appear to be worth around £70-£80!!!
Mr Northern Hi-lights has been away on his travels again this week, so I am chuckling to myself picturing his face when he walks into our bedroom later this evening and he spys my other thrift shop bargain...

Isn't it a beauty (£3.00) ? I have had my eye out for a vintage quilt all Winter, and admittedly now that it's Spring the need is not so great.

The caravan maybe?


  1. Tee hee...Mr NH-L will be thrilled I'm sure!
    What lovely can't buy taste (it's instinctive, as you have just proven!)
    I would imagine that in your part of the world an extra quilt is a necessity, therefore you can justify it as an investment.
    You can see I've done this justifying thing many a time!
    fee ♥

  2. Hej Elaine!
    What a lucky lucky's beautiful!
    They are very sought after and collectable here I am sure it would be worth more on the Swedish ebay site or
    I LOVE it! I wouldn't sell it I would proudly have it on display. WELL DONE!
    LOVE your quilt too...a lovely spring colour ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your lucky finds!

  3. Oh I love that bowl, such a beautiful find andeven more exciting that it only cost 50p xox I am always on the lookout for old french quilts, they are from heaven and soo soooo warm. enjoy snuggling under your new find xox

  4. That bowl is certainly a find, I have been coveting those prints on etsy for a while now and wondered where the inspiration was from..thankyou for sharing this and enjoy snuggling under that fab quilt :) :)

  5. My didn't you do well. You have such an eye for bargains- you BARGAIN BABE. I will have to look out for a similar bowl (doubt I will be as lucky) Great post Elaine x

  6. Not a bad mornings work then! The bowl is very pretty.