Saturday, 16 April 2011

Chicks on a Stick

Our front door is looking splendid with  my new chick decoration, kindly gifted to me by my sister Jill of Pixie Peg Crafts fame (visit her blog and Etsy shop).
I'm really chuffed with it, it is so nice to have a such a cheery and quirky door decoration.

I pilfered some twigs from our local woods yesterday to hang some Easter decorations, including my new pair of fawns, also a present from Jill.

We've just spent the afternoon watching the 'Granite City Rally' as one of the stages was being held in our local woods, so I am now trying to warm myself up with a nice cup of liquorice tea - back to school/work next week! can't believe the Easter holidays are over before Easter has even started! That's Scottish school holidays for you! Hope you are having a fab weekend ♥


  1. eeek, how cute those chickies on a stick are. Great idea by the way, for the twig decorations- I have to give that a try xxx

  2. those chicks are adorable, I am so off to find me a twig!
    Hope u enjoy whats left of the holidays

  3. I love those chicks on a stick so much we made one for our front door.

  4. Great Easter decs! You've reminded me to dust off my spring stuff and hang them up before it's all over! Love your blog too.

  5. I love the chicks on the stick!

  6. oh the chicken thingi is so cute! do you mind if i borrow the idea? (: