Monday, 30 May 2011

Campbelltown Pottery has returned, I can feel that eye twitch starting to ease off...
Just thought I'd share with you the unusual medal the runners got for completing the Mull of Kintyre half marathon race- apparently the local potter produces a new design every year.

nice touch..


  1. I am there with you Elaine:) It is mush easier with co parent around (lol)
    The medals are very unusual, I think I would enter the race just to recieve on of those. x

  2. That's my friend Julia's brother's business x

  3. Hey Elaine,

    see you've been absent from blogging almost as long as me (realise that's not as long as I made it sound!)

    I wouldn't enter a race for the medal (nice as it is) but I may run a short distance for previously mentioned peanut and chocolate! (actually I can't run...have spent too much of my 30's consuming bread products!)

    Over and out
    fee x
    (always liked that banner)