Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hip to be Square?

Car journeys can be useful crochet time, particularly at the moment when my 'sit down' time after putting the kids to bed is getting later and later (Cubs, football, lighter nights, extended supper time and stories) and I've barely time to have a quick cup of tea let alone crochet, before its my bedtime!

Travelling back home on Monday I managed to finish off my square doily.  I used a pattern in this Japanese crochet book, a ball of blue 100% cotton and a size 2.5mm hook. 
The pattern was a repeat of 3 rows with a decorative edging, and given the size of the hook, made up pretty quickly.  This time I used a diagram to follow the pattern, which was relatively easy to do once you got into the swing of it, giving me a bit of confidence to pursue further Japanese patterns in the future

Not quite sure how I will utilise my new doily - I never really saw myself as a doily kind of person, but  I think I may be a convert...


  1. I am so jealous- I just can't crochet in the car. I could have made a whole blanket on our 26 hrs journey to Portugal!
    It really is so pretty, and I love the colour. I know what you mean about time for yourself being limited, you are such a good mummy!

  2. I can't do ANYTHING in the car - what a good use of your time. I know what you mean about later bed times - I used to long for the boys to get older to have a break from tinky winky...now the notion of teletubies at six followed by bed sounds too good to be true! I can't believe I've also lost my TV to football - suddenly I see TV in bedroom for birthday being an option!!
    fee x

  3. Driving to Portugal Jo? Fee - your comment about Tv and football is so funny and true, my Wednesday nights are being hi-jacked - (didn't even get to watch last episode of Crimson petal..last week) has the season not ended??

  4. Yes I'm with you on the bedtimes, our #2 is sometimes still awake when I go to bed and I'm not an early to bed girl...shocking! Car/crochet = great idea as long as you're not driving he he he

  5. Hi me again..
    Yes the eyes were just black food dye painted on with a fine brush, have fun :) x x x x x

  6. Elaine, that's just beautiful, looks gorgeous with your enamel tea pot. i know what you mean about doily's I dont't know if I am convinced yet as my mum always was crocheting them and I always disliked them but now as the years roll by I thnk I am like you changing my mind. The Japanese are so clever with all their crochet patterns!

  7. Lucky me that my children still go to bed at 7pm! I never thought of myself as a doily person either but I find them addictive to make. I think partly for the challenge. And look - you've already found a use for it as a mat for your (very covetable) teapot.