Monday, 23 May 2011

New ideas

I've fallen a bit out of love with crocheting at the moment, it's just not doing it for me right now, so I have been searching around for other crafts and creative ideas to try my hand at.  This months Country Living magazine featured an artist based in Orkney (Sarah Johnston) who screen prints wonderfully bold motifs onto fabric.

visit Sarah's website at Marram Studio's

A couple of years ago I took a night class at our local Art school on printmaking - I loved using all the vivid inks and ancient presses, and found the processes very rewarding, but have never tried my hand at screen printing.
Last week I ordered this book from Amazon

It's a very well illustrated book, containing lots of ideas for simple printing from home.

You really can't beat a brand new craft book in my opinion to get those creative juices flowing once more.  Now to go and dig out those cutting tool's I'm sure I have somewhere...


  1. Hej Elaine!

    LOVE that image!
    This is really strange as I was just saying to my daughter that I would like to enrol on a course here in Sweden to do textile screen printing...She has just completed a 1 year Art course here in Sweden, she did a fab screen print but she finds the process of it all too restrictive she is a free spirit and loves all the other art forms...especially metal work and sculpture. I digress...The book looks wonderful may have to treat myself to a copy...
    I LOVE your headers too and that you change them like the wind, your very good ;-).
    Mine desperately needs some new life into it.
    Have a great week ahead
    And thanks for sharing

  2. It is good to raise the bar on your own creativity sometimes. I am so pleased to see that you purchased this book- it has been on my wish list for sometime. It is a completely different medium, but with so much scope. I like in this respect, because of the wonderful birds prints she does.
    You have fun Elaine, I can't wait to see what else you make.

  3. Hello Elaine

    I know what you mean with crochet, sometimes I too fall out of love with it, usually when my inspiration runs dry! Nothing like a good book for inspiration. I found myself knitting more and more these days xox I would love to make my own stamps for stationery! Enjoy and look forward to seeing your makes x

  4. mmmmm, know what you mean (not about crochet unfortunately - still catching up with everyone else on that one) but often tire of wood and paper!
    Sewing is my new craft of choice - I guess it doesnt matter waht it is, as long as it keeps the creative juices flowing.
    You do realise we will all look forward to seeing your new makes...?
    fee x

  5. I get in a rut sometimes where I don't feel like crocheting and that's when I catch up with my blogging because I've been neglecting my blogging buddies for a while now...being outside and gardening or just doing other things...enjoy your new hobby and I hope you find your cutting tools ;-)

    p.s. I love craft books too! So much to do and so little time, right?

  6. Good for you. I've just started crochet and am still excited by it, so understand the importance of enthusiasm when it comes to being creative.
    Can't wait to see what you make .. X

  7. look forward to seeing some lovely screen printing Lainsey.xx

  8. Morning Elaine
    a refreshing post to read something different. I lost my mojo for chochet, although I have not fell out of love with it I am having another affair with it at the moment. I have tried screen printing. It was last year at a local museum where I live....I did a photography walkaround too on the same day. I loved it very messy but something really challenging. Mine looked like something I made at primamry school! It was good fun though. It was an all weekend event
    Enjoy the printing....looking at your bookshelf the lazy crochet book good?
    Heather x