Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Quite Right!

This cheered me up today, as the 'housekeeping' at the Northern Hi-lights household goes from bad to worse!
Available  at Lettergirl's Etsy shop, found via Rich Inner Life blog


  1. Ha ha, that's great. My house is absolute tip!

  2. LOVE that saying!
    Quite apt that you should also comment on my garden looking lovely since my Mum kindly said to me tonight
    "do you know, I look at the lovely pictures on your blog and they make your house and garden look so lovely...and really it's such a tip"
    fee x

  3. `Only dull women have immaculate homes`....or so they say! I was forced to wash my floors today, only because I was sticking to them this morning! Fee`s mother sounds like mine!

  4. I agree with Nana Go-Go. I found one from 'SMILE and Wave' that said something like 'My house isnormally immacualte, sorry you missed it'
    My house is always so messy, it gets me down sometimes.

  5. Great quote, perfectly sums out my philosophy on life!!
    Honestly who will care when you're 80 if u dusted or not????????????
    But u will care about the good stuff u did instead of that dusting.

  6. Well that describes my home to a tee!!

    My home is always clean and fresh smelling but it certainly has that 'lived in look'. It does get me down on occasions but when I feel like that, that's when I tidy up a bit.

  7. That's brilliant Elaine, I was just about to do some cleaning and thought I'd visit some blogs before I did and now I feel oh so much better and might just leave it till tomorrow...AGAIN! xox

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