Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer Reads

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I can hardly believe that we have only 1 more week left at school/work before we head off on our summer holiday.  This year we have a very big and exciting trip planned - Chicago for 2 weeks visiting my brother in law, where we will spend 1 week in the city and another at a beach house on lake Michigan.  I am beside myself with excitement even though I have a 'list' longer than my arm of things I have to do before we leave!  Tonight I am going to browse Amazon and try and load up my Kindle with some good books to keep me occupied during the long flight and for reading for pleasure during the holiday.  This is the first trip we have made where I have had my Kindle instead of my ration on paperbacks and I intend to take full advantage a having a well stocked library of interesting books -  I have added a couple already (see top 2 of side bar) and was thinking of adding 'Water for Elephants' and maybe the new '44 Scotland Street 'book by Alexander McCall Smith  - so, any recommendations from all you well read people out there?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Birthday

It's been a Birthday weekend up in the Northern hi-lights household with our youngest son turning 7 today.  Celebrations began on Saturday with a football party with his little pals and then another family only party tea this evening once his big brother returned from a weekend at Cub camp.

All party decorations were hastily made on Saturday morning after a hectic week at work.  I printed the flags and cake toppers onto red and yellow card (the only card I had in my craft supplies). To  make the bunting,  I sewed the flags together using my sewing machine - it worked well and a few metres were run up pretty quickly.

I must admit to finding children's birthday parties pretty stressful and exhausting, so I was relieved it all went well, and we enjoyed a quiet family day today...with more cake....

Happy Birthday my sweet one ♥

Monday, 13 June 2011

Rose Tinted Glow

A hot tip if you live in the UK - Glamour Magazine are giving away Benefit products this month, free with magazine - I'm not a massive make-up wearer, but my all time favourite product is 'benetint', which is a lovely rose scented cheek and lip tint - very natural looking - hurry, hurry!! I picked up the last copy in my local newsagent this evening!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A break..

I think it must be at least 2 weeks since I blogged.  At the moment we are all  on count down mode until the school holidays, and in 3 weeks time we are heading off to Chicago to visit my brother-in-law. In the mean time I feel like I have a small mountain to climb before we get there - Birthday Party, Cub Camp, football matches, relatives visiting, end of term nights out etc..etc.. Football training/matches for our two sons are more or less taking over at weekends right now, so when I heard that there was to be no football this weekend (yippee!) I put my foot down, demanding some family time away in the caravan.  Now, the beauty of going away for the weekend in the caravan is that it is actually a break for me - no housework, minimum cooking, no washing and the boys are normally fairly content and occupied cycling around the camp or playing with new friends they have just met - it also means that we actually get to talk to each other and reconnect as a family. With this in mind, we didn't want to travel too far on a Friday night, so opted for a site in the Glenesk valley, roughly 50 minutes drive away.  When we arrived on Friday evening the camp looked like this: true Scottish Summer weather tradition, on Saturday morning we woke to rain - teaming down...all day! We made the most of it, being hardy Northerners after all..

(The campsite had a certain retro feel to the place - couldn't resist a photo of this fab table in the dish washing room)

Made good use of the 'recreation room', read lots of books, visited a local beach town for lunch, drank lots of tea and played Scrabble (what a revelation - the boys are actually old enough now to be able to hold their own in a game!)

and when bed time came around there wasn't a word of complaint from the boys about climbing into their cosy bunks
So here I am on Sunday night - home, rested and hopefully ready for that climb..♥