Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Birthday

It's been a Birthday weekend up in the Northern hi-lights household with our youngest son turning 7 today.  Celebrations began on Saturday with a football party with his little pals and then another family only party tea this evening once his big brother returned from a weekend at Cub camp.

All party decorations were hastily made on Saturday morning after a hectic week at work.  I printed the flags and cake toppers onto red and yellow card (the only card I had in my craft supplies). To  make the bunting,  I sewed the flags together using my sewing machine - it worked well and a few metres were run up pretty quickly.

I must admit to finding children's birthday parties pretty stressful and exhausting, so I was relieved it all went well, and we enjoyed a quiet family day today...with more cake....

Happy Birthday my sweet one ♥


  1. Your decorations are lovely, and your little one looks super happy!

  2. Great bunting Elaine, sounds like a very exciting and fun weekend of celebrations. I was wondering what those yummy choc covered brad sticks were, are they home made? bread sticks dipped into hot choc ? Looks like a great idea xox happy week ahead.

  3. Penelope - yes, just plain bread sticks dipped in melted choc and left to set on greaseproof paper - they were a massive hit, scoffed in minutes!

  4. all looks fab - I think I like childrens birthday parties but I don't really! (yes - stressful and exhausting - especially 7 year old boys!)
    Great pictures
    fee x

  5. LOVELY - i've just posted on the decorations for ruby's 7th birthday, although luckily we had a family only birthday tea, and are going camping o my mum's this weekend for the party. xx

  6. Wow, that looks fab! I would have been right at home sitting at that table munching on some cake!!!!!

    Love the chocolate breadsticks idea....I use to love the nutella dips you used to buy with little bread sticks in. Not sure they do those anymore...that was years ago! The best ideas never go away though!!!!!

    Have a super friday and great weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  7. What a lovely little chap he is,and what a great mummy he has. I like the look of all those birthday treats. x