Saturday, 16 July 2011

Home again..

We're back! Head currently all over the place due to jet lag, but just thought I'd check into my neglected blog. We have had the most amazing trip, seen and done so many things - eaten so much food!
Thought I would leave you with a picture of 'Brunch' - You have got to hand it to the Americans, they really know how to make a good Breakfast.


  1. Welcome home Elaine, missed not seeing your posts and it certainly looks like you had a fabulous feasting holiday, look forward to haring all about it xox Penelope

  2. I missed you too, looking forward to hearing all about it!
    We used to rib my mum something rotton for taking photos of breakfast in America...nowadays I get it. (heck, I take pictures of my own breakfast!)
    fee x