Thursday, 21 July 2011

USA Trip: Week 2 - Chicago

Chicago is an all round exciting city to visit - great architecture, great parks, shops and food.  My Brother-in-law lives near an uber cool part of the city called 'Wicker Park', which is full of great shops (Renegade handmade being my favourite) and places to eat.  It was easy to while away most of the week just exploring the local neighbourhood and going for early evening drinks at ridiculously trendy bars and cafes (despite growing up in a city, it's times like this that I feel like a complete Teuchter )

We did however venture 'Downtown' to do all the obvious tourist things - on this particular day the sun was shining, sky was blue and Chicago was looking its most glorious best.

We spent most of the morning at Millennium Park, listening to the free concert at the amazing outdoor venue and playing in the water fountains.
Lunch was an obligatory hot dog - and boy, do the Americans know how to do condiments! (our youngest is the world's biggest gherkin fan, so was in awe of the local 'pickle' habit)

...and then we walked down the 'Magnificent Mile'

and ended the day with cocktails on the 95th floor of the Hancock Tower..

savouring the amazing views of the flat plains and lake.

I can hardly believe we have been back in Scotland for almost a week now and can feel the relaxed state I was in  by the end of our trip starting to slip through my fingers.  Our 2 weeks in the 'States' has been the best family holiday we have ever had - maybe it's just that the boys are getting older and slightly easier to take places - but without doubt it has given me the travel bug and I'm itching for another trip.


  1. what amazing photos, made me feel like I was there, love the travel bug, if I won the lottery I would just travel and travel

  2. It looks fabulous. No wonder you've got the travel bug.

  3. Elaine - it looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
    I can't wait to take the boys to USA - it does get easier as they get older doesn't it?
    Off to see how this yearbook thing works - I've chucked more than once at your little picture in my sidebar!
    fee x

  4. Fantastic photos - looks like you had a brilliant time & nice to get some vitamin D!!