Friday, 19 August 2011

...and off we go again..

first week back at school and for me back to work.  I am lucky enough to have a term time only contract (I work as a technician at our local secondary school), which means I get all the school holidays off, and to be honest, by the end of this long six week break I had almost forgotten I had a job!

On one hand it's been good to get back into the old routine, and on the other it's been an emotional roller coaster - tired children adjusting to new teachers and the confinement of the school day, early starts and having to be organised with packed lunches and homework, breakfast dishes sitting at the sink until I come home from work, Cubs, swimming, football, etc... Its a merry-go-round, that keeps going round and round and round...

But tonight, the sun is still peaking out from behind a cloud, the boys are outside kicking a ball, I have a very large gin in hand and a lovely weekend of 2 x 40th birthday parties to look forward to - its all good.


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