Saturday, 20 August 2011


Ever since a child, my drawing tool of choice has always been a black fine liner - I must add, I'm no artist,  but like most people with a slightly creative leaning, I enjoy a good doodle on a nice new pad of paper. I really enjoyed drawing out the new banner for this blog (black pen on yellow paper), there was something really relaxing and immensely satisfying about stepping away from the computer and creating something by hand for a change.  Whilst browsing Amazon the other day, I spotted the above book -'How to be the best bubble writer in the world ever' and for the price of £5.51, I decided I couldn't pass it up.

To be honest, this book is probably aimed at children, as opposed to a 36 year old wifey like myself, and I know my 11 year old self would have been all over this book.  It's printed on heavy matt paper, similar to a child's vintage colouring book, and as well as instruction on creating different 'bubble' alphabets there are activities to complete and cut out.

Nonetheless, its a book that makes me extremely happy to flick through, and I can't wait for a moment to sit down and doodle some of the funky alphabets (did I just say 'funky'?  ...oh dear).  I have left it around the house in the hope that my eldest son will pick it up and look at it - yes,  I can but try....


  1. I love your header Elaine, such fun to doodle. I am no artist but creative I am. I might just very well try a bit of a doodle myself ;0)
    Sweet book, I like the look of that xox

  2. Wow! As a fellow 36 yr old, I can say that I too would love this book.
    Would keep me quiet for hours!

  3. now I am not 36, way past in fact and I would say this book would be inspirational for my everyday journal doodling, even so, I think todays entry will be done in bubble letters!

  4. Dotty Dairy Queen22 August 2011 at 21:53

    Think your featured book just might have unleashed something else - you have a lot to answer for missus! ;-) Thank you.

  5. fab :) I love this and I know who else would too thanks for sharing to check it out right now :)
    x x Jane x x