Monday, 8 August 2011

The count down....

More bangles hot off the hook - still a work in progress as regards the design and getting them to sit properly, but a brown one this time made from cotton that has a sheen finish to it. I made this one a bit thicker and sewed it together on the inside to make it a bit flatter

The actual pattern consists roughly of a chain ring, one round of single crochet and then a round of alternative 'puff' stitches to give the 3d relief. I repeated this to give a deeper bangle this time round. 

It's the last week of the school holidays up here - tempers are slightly fraying, not helped by the wet weather and trying to persuade my two to go out and do something feels like an impossible task - my suggestion of a walk into town to visit the library went down like a lead balloon - the are currently playing 'wrestling matches' on the living room floor - its all going to end in tears.......


  1. It's our last week of the school holidays here too though we have sunshine today. I best get out and make the most of it as rain is forcast from Wed onwards...

  2. Oh my, am living the same life as you, except mine are playing Ninjas (although neither actually knows what a Ninja is).
    Love the bangle.
    What yarn and hook do you use?

  3. Bracelet is super cute- hope it stops raining soon

  4. wrestling....sounds very familiar, we are only on week two!!! sometimes I think,,,I wonder what they would do if I just joined in?????
    on a lighter note your bangles x x x x