Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It's Raining again...♫

These photos were taken at 1pm today from my kitchen window - this summer has been truly awful...This evening we have had to put the central heating on - I mean, come on! its suppose to be Summer!  I have just been reading Attic24's latest blog entry, and feel even more fed up! The sweet possibilities of a long warm summer are slipping through my fingers as we near the end of the school holidays - no lazy days and picnics by the river, no trips to the Lido at Stonehaven, or playing on the beach - humph.......! F.E.D  U.P!!!
On a plus side, I have been crocheting up a storm whilst the boys raced on the scalextric today.

The 'hoop' type bangle wasn't working, I just couldn't get the tension the same on the first and last row, so have been working on a strap type bracelet with a button to close.

They are really quick to make and very addictive - think of the possibilities! one to match every outfit!

I'm currently working on a simple pattern, so watch this space - Crocheted Bracelets! yeah, lets start a new trend!

♥Update♥ - sorry annaboo, meant to say:- used 100% cotton yarn for the dark blue one and bamboo tape for the light blue and green one and used a 4mm hook


  1. Love that pale blue one.
    I WANT ONE!!
    So cute.

  2. Oh Elaine, poor you with all that rain. The South East coast is a real treat this summer, I am counting my blessings for this weather. We are off camping again next week and I hope and pray it stays! Love your pretty bangles, such gorgeous colours and such rich textures xox Clever you!
    ps. love your new header... was that an Elaine design too? gorgeous x

  3. They are so cute!
    Hope it stops raining!

  4. exactly the same here Elaine - feels like the christmas holidays. May have to break my promise to never moan about the weather....
    loving those bangles - you should get your shop up and running!
    Nice new banner too
    fee x

  5. July has been good for us here in the West. Makes a change as July is usually a complete wash-out. Strange that the East has been wetter. I grew up in Angus and remember fine sunny summers, and being able to sit on grass without getting a damp bum which is never possible over here!
    It's raining today though, and rained yersterday, and is forecast to rain tomorrow...

  6. Very creative and lovely lookin photos of your artistic expression! If you are ever into bartering for items! Let me know! (Tks)

  7. Hello ,just discovered your blog in blogland.

    The bracelets are a great idea looking forward to seeing the pattern.

    Leah x