Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lemongrass .....

Caravanning this weekend in Glen Affric....Midges, lots and lots of midges......

Lemongrass essential oil seems to do the trick...burning it, spraying it, sniffing it, dabbing it.....

Beautiful scenery though.....


  1. I have been to that campsite and the same midges ate me :) beautiful though...( the place not the midges )

  2. These photos are beautiful!!
    We visited Scotland in November/December last year, and scored the extremely cold patch!!
    We stayed in Tomich, and I had really really wanted to do some walks in Glen Affric whilst we were there, but sadly we got snowed in, and couldn't leave Tomich for days, missed out on Glen Affric, and on staying in Skye which we had paid for as well :(
    So seeing your photos really made me happy, thanks
    Also I just reread this, and I sound like a whiny cow, we actually had a fantastic holiday and loved every minute we were n Scotland, it was just a bit disappointing we missed out on a few things

  3. Oh my, wanderlust. I want to be there. It's so beautiful!!

  4. What a stunning photo. The midges are worth it to get that kind of view! x