Monday, 15 August 2011

Tawashi - Japanese Wash Cloths

I score pretty low on the cleaning and housework front, lifting a duster or pulling out the hoover only when the dust is so bad you could write your name in it or if we have visitors coming to stay. However living with 2 boys, bathroom hygiene is pretty important. 
For  the last 10 years or so  I have tried to keep household chemicals to an absolute minimum and either buy eco-products or make my own.  Vinegar is a staple in our house -I slosh it around the toilet with some clove oil, or make my own surface spray with a 50/50 of water/vinegar and some lavender or peppermint oil - and contrary to belief, vinegar evaporates quickly leaving no smell.

I also use a lot of E-cloths, (microfibre cleaning cloths), especially for dusting and wiping down the bathroom - they are however fairly expensive, so I now make my own.
A Japanese Tawashi is a cleaning cloth made with 100% acrylic yarn.  Acrylic yarn is made of very fine synthetic fibers similar to microfiber, and it's this fine-filamented material that is, as you may know,  the key to brilliant cleaning.
As a crocheter, it couldn't be easier to knock a couple up - I tend to use chunky, or double stranded yarn and a single crochet stitch to make the cloth nice and dense.  The yarn MUST be acrylic, but as this is probably the cheapest yarn around, it makes it pretty cost effective to make a few.  I find that they work best used dry - they are great for picking up the dust that gathers on porceline in the bathroom and anywhere else for that matter. They are fully washable and make a pretty addition to your cleaning supplies - I love mine!


  1. Interesting information. I will definitely be whipping up some of these, then giving them a good workout. We have lots and lots of dust around here. :/ Have a great week. Tammy

  2. Thats great- I am going to try making one myself now, so thanks for that. I like using natural stuff instead of chemicals to clean as well, I use baking soda or bi-carb soda heaps, its great for cleaning in the bathroom, and is also great if you put it in the bath as well, its really good for your skin!

  3. how interesting (don't you just love blogging!)
    and since I can crochet (tee hee) I can make these!
    woo hoo
    fee x
    (I only ever used to dust if someone got their inhalor out. I'm a bit better now.)

  4. they are great must try some, although I could probably pick some up in Boyes ...hehe
    x x x x x x
    love that you knew about that shop, most people have never heard of it...:)

  5. I am like you, and don't use nasty chemicals around the house, and I am pretty darn allergic to cleaning. Once a week I get all stroppy about the mess, and blitz the house, and heaven help anyone who gets in my way (umm , so that's why everyone clutters off outside)
    Anyway, this is a brilliant idea Elaine, and I am so glad that you shared it with us all. I think a couple of these is just what my dirty old sink needs. x

  6. I'm just popping over from Chelsea's blog, and I LOVE this idea. I like to use microfiber cleaning cloths too, but I never knew you could knit your own. I don't crochet, though, but I do knit, so I think I'll try knitting a few with acrylic. Thank you!