Friday, 26 August 2011

Thrify Book Covers

Whoooosh....where did that week go? Getting back into the swing of things now after last weeks shock to the system.  This Week I have been inundated with school exercise books and requests from teacher to cover them - for some reason the books seem rather large this year; too big for my usual 'old comic page' trick.  During a recent clear out I found an over sized 'Where's Wally' duplicate copy, purchased for 40p from our local charity shop, so I didn't mind pulling it apart to use the sheets - problem solved! (BTW, did you know Wally is called 'Waldo' in the US?)

Have a great weekend, the tonic water is chilling as we speak.....


  1. Oh, that is interesting! I never knew he was called "Wally" over there! Love using the pages as a book cover--how fun!

  2. I love this idea!! I can never find Where's Waldo books in my thrift stores. I'd snatch them up in a second and get started on a project for my kiddos.