Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday Bake Day..

I baked some bagels yesterday (recipe here) - a first for me, but the jury is out on whether or not it will be a last.....they were very tasty, but I am now starting to think that £1.25 for 5 at the supermarket is actually quite a bargain given the amount of time and effort they take to make (it was that extra poaching in the pan step I think....)

But nonetheless they look great showcased next to my latest enamelware find -£2 for a vintage enamel coffee pot (does anyone know how you actually use a pot like this to make coffee??)

I baked up a storm yesterday, on what has become my 'Monday bake day'.  It's the only time in the week I actually have any time now to bake, and its a good feeling to stock up the tins for the packed lunches ahead.  These Lemon Muffins came out great and I also made wholemeal based pizza slices with sunflower seed topping as a substitute for sandwiches..phew...


  1. I want to come over for dinner.

  2. I made bagels once - with once being the operative word! Those muffins look good.
    Thanks for your comment over on mine. x

  3. Hi! Yum! I think you need to make some filter coffee in a filter machine, then pour it into your pot to serve. I would warm the pot first. I think this is how you make coffee for all coffee pots. Can't think of any other way. Xx

  4. Hi
    I'm wondering if you happen to have the pattern for the crochet collar http://northernhi-lights.blogspot.com/2010/05/easy-crochet-collar.html . I can't see the page.
    Please feel free to send me an e-mail

    thank you so much

  5. sorry Sanna, I don't have the pattern any more - I only saved the link to the blog, which I see is no more :(

  6. Making coffee in a vintage enamel pot:
    1. Check the inside of the pot - extra rust flakes, spiders, loose paint is not a pleasant addition to one's coffee...(speaking from experience here!)
    2. Add a "non-vintage" plastic cone (otherwise known as cheating) - we find these lurking in Swiss or French supermarkets)- on the whole, brown and plastic (yuk) and rather ugly..
    3. Fold the bottom of a coffee filter paper - I have recently found that the wretched things leak. Which makes for gritty coffee.
    4. Put scoops of nice ground coffee of your choice - (1 per person and a bit more according to taste)
    5.Make "mud" in the cone by pouring on some boiling water. The mud stage seems to get the best flavour out of the grounds.
    6. Top up the cone and allow the water to filter through the mud.
    7. Whilst sitting pot on a warm surface - just to the left of the Aga hotplate works for us.
    8. Enjoy! -
    on re-reading it seems like a Huge list of instructions for 1 tiddly cup - but it is so worth it, and do-able even when half asleep in the dark early mornings.

  7. Alison! a woman after my own heart - thank you so much for the detailed instructions, I shall be seeking out a plastic cone x