Thursday, 15 September 2011

my week...

A busy, but good week, with a few hi-lights to share:-

Monday - at last some charity shop success (been having a dry patch for months now) in the form of 2 Lustre glazed dishes.  The first is a 'Fire King' bowl - I looked up the make when i got home, as it was slightly unusual and had a vintage Pyrex look to it - apparently it is ovenware from the USA, I paid £1 for it, and thought my new season pears looked particularly pretty sitting in it.

The second was a pretty little yellow pot, coincidentally with the same kind of iridescent glaze as the bowl (50p), I might use it in the bathroom to store toiletries etc.. This thrifting lark really is a cheap hobby, or at least this is how I rationalise the addition of yet another bowl to the household to  Mr Northern Hi-lights and  the pleasure I get from these finds is quite incredible!

Tuesday - Work and a lovely lunch break with my friend the Black-eyed Blond

Wednesday - I played at being the official photographer for the school I work for's  annual sponsored walk.  What a great day- unbelievably the sun shone for the whole day making the Deeside countryside look magnificent - slightly achy legs this morning though..

Thursday - a day off work, which has been spent spent shopping and cleaning out the old caravan for a trip away this weekend.
For the past 5 years a group of us head up to Loch Morlich for the 'Cairngorm Adventure Triathlon' (I must add that it is Mr N-HL, not myself who is participating) This year, we're looking at 15 children and 10 adults - it's normally fun, but complete chaos and I'm just hoping for better weather than last year!

the essentials have all been packed (beer and biscuits), sheets washed and beds made..

Please, please, please let it be dry!


  1. fingers crossed for lovely weather for you - especially since the child/adult ratio looks a little unbalanced!!
    triathlon you say? one word...'why'?!
    fee x

  2. hee, hee - 3 words - 'Men' Midlife crisis'!!!

  3. Hope the weekend is great, love your finds, and I agree, it's a great cheap hobby!

  4. Fingers crossed on the weather front, love those enamel polka dot mugs, i have been looking for ages for some of those, we only have the plain red ones..
    Have a great wkend - Mantha xx

  5. Love those charity shop finds!
    Fingers crossed that the weather is kind to you.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Hope the weather holds out for you but if not those beds look so cozy...I'd be sneaking back to the van for a crafty cuppa and a snooze :) x x x x