Thursday, 1 September 2011

Re-Cycled T-Shirt Yarn

 I've been playing around this morning - cutting up an old t-shirt and winding it into a ball of yarn. I found this very enticing tutorial via Pinterest and had to give it a go.
My yarn didn't end up looking quite so smooth and due to probably a slightly blunt pair of scissors I now have very sore hands - but thought I'd round up the morning trying out (another!) a bangle:

Three rounds of single crochet was all that was required to make this very sturdy and rigid bangle - it looks slightly 'rustic' around the edges, but overall I am pleased with the result - I think I just need to work on making a better ball of yarn in the first place -better go and sharpen those scissors!


  1. Don't be too quick to blame yourself or your scissors - it looks to me as though your T shirt might be a micro rib T shirt and they just do not roll neatly, not ever, no matter how sharp your scissors. Try it again but with a T shirt with a flatter weave - it is hard to describe what I mean but the old fashioned baggier T shirts tend to work better. Good luck.

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