Monday, 5 September 2011


Sorry, it looks like Monday is turning into my weekly cookery post! It's because it's my day off work and the only day of the week I get the time to play about in the kitchen. 

Unfortunately for me, my other half has absolutely no interest in cooking or baking at all - If I weren't around he would happily exist on cereal and digestive biscuits.  I might also add, that he is a fitness fanatic and is currently in training for the 'Caringorm Adventure triathlon' which is taking place in a few weeks.  Right now he is expending a great deal of calories with all the training he is doing and as he doesn't really take his own nutrition seriously, I try to make some 'healthy' snacks for him to munch on during the day at work. Today I decided to use up my surplus of seeds and nuts with this 'Spicy Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower seed' recipe.

I Googled a recipe and honestly, this 'Joy the baker' recipe popped up first in the results - it was meant to be, you know what a fan I am!

I added a tablespoon of this smoked hot paprika instead of the chilli powder, which gave the mix a lovely smoky, BBQ flavour and in addition, threw in a handful of sesame seeds and flaked almonds.  The mix was incredibly quick and easy to make - its has been jarred and labelled, and is now sitting at the front door JUST in case Mr N H-L's  (as is the norm after all my efforts) forgets it!

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  1. now, that makes a nice change from cupcakes!
    I've missed my blogging friends - nice to be back in the land of the virtual again!
    Hope you are well,
    fee x