Saturday, 1 October 2011

2 days..

Whilst England is basking in sunshine with record breaking temperatures, Saturday has turned into a bit of a disappointment in NE Scotland with grey skies and rain for most of the day - mustn't complain, our Indian summer did last for 2 days!  Last night we all sat around our chiminea in short sleeves until well after 9pm - unheard of at this time of year but such a pity the high pressure didn't hang around for the weekend...
This morning I had a mooch around our local town in the rain whilst the boys played their Saturday morning football.  Every month the Townhall holds a second hand book sale and I don't think I have ever come away empty handed.

Today I came away with a handful of vintage books, including this one above from the 70's - the illustrations are amazing.

As I was about to leave, an elderly couple in their 80's arrived carrying a box of books for donation. I heard the man declare that some of the books once belonged to his mother as a child, so of course I had to have a look.  I came away with a couple of beautifully illustrated old books from around the early 1900's - I didn't want to be greedy, so held back and bought only two (50p each ) I have to say I  felt slightly disgusted at the man guarding a pile of around 30 original Beatrix Potter books, which he promptly bought in one fell swoop - obviously to make some money on - I hope they eventually make their way to a good home..


  1. Fantastic illustrations from the 70's book, I love finding books like that. Not so keen on the other book though!

  2. Wow- how exciting to find those books!!

  3. The pictures from the first book are very familiar - I must have read that in my childhood.

  4. me too (Vicki), lovely and slightly sinister!
    Good work.
    Sunday was grim weather here (Manchester) too but like you we're SO making the most of it while it lasts. Heard it was a chinging so switched the radio off before the lady could finish telling me....!
    fee x

  5. What treasures! Wonderful illustrations! I'm envious.