Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I See the Sea..

We are currently enjoying the first week of our 2 week school holiday up here in Scotland -So far, mornings have been spent mostly in pajamas and afternoons a bit more energetic out in the bright Autumn sunshine.  Today we took a trip to our nearest seaside town - Stonehaven. 

The boys couldn't resist a peep into the now 'closed for the season' lido (outdoor saltwater swimming pool)- usually a big draw for us during the Summer months, however sadly due to our abysmal weather this year we never visited it once.

Today the sun shone and the North Sea looked as blue as could be.  We played in the park for a while and then walked along the shingle beach and then back to 'Aunty Betty's' for an Ice cream...

...with the works...!


  1. My goodness that ice-cream is every small boys dream :)

  2. wow- I love the blue of the sky and sea!
    and that sweet shop looks amazing!!

  3. That looks like my kind of holiday :-)
    Have a lovely weekend x
    ps yes i have a little heater in my shed in antipation of the 'arctic winter'. :)
    x x x x x

  4. All that fresh air and big open sky, is enough to bring anyone out of the 'grumps' .That is a serious ice cream- wow!