Tuesday, 8 November 2011

This and That...

Well Hello - that was a bit of an unexpected blog break! Life has just been a bit busy around here lately with coughs and colds and building work going on at the house, that kind of thing.. But I have managed a bit of crochet work of an evening -  The above bracelets were made using fine cotton yarn and a size 2.5 hook - a basic single crochet band sew around a thin metal bangle for added support - I'm building up a stash for Christmas present, so will have to refrain from wearing them myself!

Had a result on Monday at my local charity shop - 2 sweet little enamel mugs (30p each) I'm already picturing two little boys sipping hot chocolate  from them on cold winter days....

and a bit of retro Danish melamine in the form of this Rosti bowl...

ahhh, lovely...


  1. Do be careful that your boys don't burn their mouths on those enamel mugs, they can be vicious.

  2. nice rainbow effect on those bangles!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my wall decor (:

    I used to have mugs like that too but they got lost when I moved back to germany :/