Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Christmas just wouldn't be the same without rustling up a few of these little robins - not quite on the scale of last year, just a few tiny birds made with left over bits of silky cotton yarn.  This one was made using a size 3mm hook and I wasn't 100% happy with it - it was a bit 'holey', showing little bits of stuffing through the gaps - maybe try the next one with a size smaller hook ♥


  1. Thta robin so so cute!!
    I always have the stuffing issue too

  2. Well I think he is just perfect,perhaps you can call him the 'Holy' robin from now on( hee hee) My goodness, now I will have to go and make one. Happiest of Christmas's to you and your family- Thank you for all your support and inspiration this past year xxx

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  4. I made three more of your popcorn bracelets for my daughters friends but I forgot to take pictures! They loved them! I love the Pattern!

    & thank you for commenting on the mugs (: