Thursday, 29 December 2011


Strange times these days inbetween Christmas and New Year,  so unproductive yet so appreciated.  We've all been fighting virus's the last few weeks/months and this downtime is just what the Dr ordered. We've been reading, watching films, playing yahtzee, napping and grazing on Christmas left overs and it's been bliss.  My crochet mojo has returned and I'm currently working on a pair of ribbed legwarmers ('cos you need a pair when lounging you know) as well as the perfect G&T....

1. Crushed ice and a big slice of lemon

2. A splash of your favourite Gin (The Botanist - a must try for gin fans)

3. Topped up with a nice quality tonic water.

Ahh.... I ...AM...LIKING these strange limbo days...


  1. Oooee. That G&T looks gorgeous!
    Crochet leg warmers, you say? Verrrry interesting! - can't wait to see those finished.
    Enjoy your days of limbo...
    ..and a Happy New Year too.

  2. Now that looks like a good past time - never seen that brand of gin before though.

    Good luck with the leg warmers - since I finished my knitted ones the weather has turned warm again!

  3. So good to see that someone in the Woodside Gin Club is keeping standards up. Happy new year to you and yours from next doorxx

  4. Hey
    Finally I get chance to catch up (if truth be known I've started drinking too early on a regular basis so my late night blog trip has disappeared of my own making)
    Now, Cleggy is a big fan of the gin (fav = Bombay Saphire) so may need to try this Botanist you speak of.
    Sorry to hear you've all been under the weather - hope you're on the mend by now.
    And wishing you a happy and fun 2012
    fee x