Saturday, 14 January 2012

Boy Leg Warmers

My eldest son is a chip off the old block when it comes to his home comforts and his need to feel cosy and warm whilst at home.  He always takes an interest in what I am working on crochet wise, and so during the Christmas holidays when he learnt I was making some leg-warmers a request was made - how could I refuse?

And to give him his due, he has worn them non-stop  (and for a while only one whilst the second was being made) claiming that they keep his ankles cosy in the morning.  As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to crochet a rib effect pair so using a slight variation on the half double crochet stitch (brilliant tutorial here) a rib was indeed achieved.

They were pretty easy to make - crochet a rectangle wide enough to wrap around the lower leg and then sew up the seam to make a tube - bear in mind that the leg warmer will stretch, so make it a bit smaller as you'll want them snug. This pair of leg warmers seemed to take an age to make, probably due to the fine yarn and size 3mm hook I used- son number 2 has now requested a pair (not to be left out) so I think this time I  will use a thicker yarn and bigger hook, and then eventually maybe I'll get round to making my own pair...

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  1. I love using the BLO (back loop only)stitch for a deep ribbed effect, and love the idea of wearing leg warmers and pjs.