Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday Thrifting

Thursday; my day off work, my day of putting a bit of order back into our lives, replenishing the bare cupboards, catching up with friends, drinking too much coffee and visiting my local charity shop.

A small catch today, but no less satisfying.  I'm sure I will think of a use for this 'small fryer' (50p)  ?....

...and this Pyrex dish (20p) - I can feel a new collectors bug coming on......


  1. Hi Elaine, the mini fryer will be great for doughnuts!!! also very retro pyrex, cant believe all the great stuff you find. Am going to Jumble sale on Sat with mum so will look for similar for you.x

  2. Oooh I would love a day like that!! I love old Pyrex reminds me of my Mum's kitchen when I was a kid :)

  3. Love the pyrex dish, pretty and functional, just ideal!