Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday Treats

Two little treats in my shopping trolley today - and yes, I know it's probably indecently early for both, but there's nothing like a little treat  to celebrate making it (almost) through the first week after the holidays in one piece!

and then a stroke of good luck on the way home when I popped into our local charity shop...

..a beautiful enamel coffee pot - I love the unusual retro shape of this one, and it also comes complete with some kind of percolator system inside...

A few nice omens for the end of the week - bring on the weekend!!


  1. That jug is my absolute favourite colour!

  2. I love that coffee pot- so happy looking!!!!!!!

  3. Love the tulips and the coffee pot is gorgeous. I remember that in the 70s percolated coffee was all the rage. That pot will keep you cheerful just looking at it.