Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thrify Thursday

It's been a bit of a dry spell on the Charity-shop front lately, but this morning I must have walked into the shop at just the right time..

10 12 (!) sweet little vintage glasses- perfect for ones afternoon sherry..

a little leather purse,

A Travel Scrabble, which will be perfect for the caravan..

and finally, a small (bronze?) teaspoon - all for under £5 - I am pretty chuffed!


  1. I love that feeling that you have just walked in at the perfect time!!
    There's nothing like it!
    Fabulous finds!!

  2. Are you testing us? Only I can count 12 glasses!

    BTW they are lovely - you have some good finds today :)

  3. Thank you Vicki!! obviously I can't count!!

  4. That travel scrabble's great cos the letters click in, saves you losing the pieces, (although it didn't stop my brother cheating) perfect for caravans! have fun ;-)