Monday, 30 April 2012


Brunch is unequivocally my favourite meal of the day ; pancakes, bacon, eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice and buckets of hot coffee.  During the Easter Holidays we visited London for a couple of days and 'Brunched' in style..

This was 'The Breakfast Club', a hidden gem tucked away down a side ally close to  Liverpool Street Station (you have got to love 'Time-out'!)

On the waitress's recommendation, I opted for avocados on sour bread toast with bacon, topped off with a poached egg...Divine, I kid you not..

P.S - Hopefully blogging should resume as normal this week.  I have been suffering from bloggers fatigue this past month or so (probably not helped by 30 days of non-stop rain!) ♥ Elaine


  1. off to London in a few weeks (without kids...woo hoo) so may need to see if we're close enough for breakfast - looks fab!
    Glad you're back in the swing...the weather is mighty grim isn't it?!
    fee x

  2. Those brunches look amazing. I'm off to London too (without kids!) in a couple of weeks, but sadly think we'll be too far away from Liverpool Street Station to try one of those.
    Glad to see you back. How's the new cat settled in?

  3. Love that avocado sourbread thingy. Hope you'll return to the gentle art of blogging soon.

  4. How amazing! Those pancakes look amazingly delicious! :)