Sunday, 9 September 2012

Daily Bread

I have been bread making for about 10 years now, ever since the boys were little babies and there was nothing more satisfying than to see their chubby little hands grab thick fingers of freshly baked bread and cram it into their mouths.  Of course it was easier back then to produce a fresh loaf ever day or so- I was at home all day, and there didn't seem to be as many demands on my time outside the house as there are now.
Over the years i have honed my bread making skills, using my trusty bread making machine to mix my dough for me.(I gave up baking the actual bread in the machine years ago as the results became too unpredictable) 

My two main problems I have always faced in my bread making adventures are 1) a loaf is usually devoured in one sitting by my greedy family, and 2) My attempts at making the loaf slightly healthier using wholemeal flour have always given a too heavy result.
Last year my 10 year old started refusing sandwiches in his packed lunch - this has been a major cause of stress to me as one of my most loathed chores in the morning is making packed lunches, and nothing is more soul destroying that emptying the box at the end of the day and finding an untouched sandwich.  Apparently it is the 'bought' bread  that is the issue (how spoilt are my children ?),  so at the start of this new term I decided to try something different - bake enough bread on a Sunday to see us through the week.

This isn't as difficult or time consuming as you may think - I had just stumbled upon the most fantastic recipe for Spelt bread, where the quantities used were more than enough to make 3 loaves. 
Eat one on the day, with enough left over for Mondays sandwiches and freeze the other 2 for later on in the week.  Oh yes, and another trick was to use a loaf tin, making the loaf more uniform and easier to cut.  I need to try and pick up some bigger loaf tin (as you can see i only have 1 big one) but in the mean time, four weeks into the school term, its working - sandwiches are being eaten again and we have enough fresh bread to see us through the week.


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