Monday, 3 September 2012


Huge excitement this week in the N H-L household - we are getting a Wood burning stove installed in our livingroom. I really can't wait and feel it will add some great cheer and comfort to the long, cold, dark Winters we have up here.

Anyway, with this in mind, I managed to persuade the family to take a trip South last Saturday to the small coastal town of St Cyrus where I had heard of but never before visited 'Steptoes Yard' in the quest to find some fireside accessories.

This place is something of a legend around the North East area - quite unbelievable that I'd never been before.  The excitement was rising (for me anyway) as we parked  in front of a large farm -like yard and proceeded to try and take in what lay in front of us.

First thing - never go to these types of places with your children - in less than 2 minutes the familiar 'can we go now' started and I literally could not focus on any of the 'stuff' that lay in front of me.  After ten minutes my impatient children were starting to annoy me and I could no longer concentrate on the job in hand and the sheer quantity of 'things' started to overwhelm me- to be honest most of it looked like a pile of junk, but I'm pretty sure, given the time and some peace (come alone next time!) there would be some hidden gems to find......


  1. OMG what a treasure trove - definately worth visiting when you've loads of time and no children :)

  2. OMG is looks like absolute HEAVEN!
    So nice to have you back in blogland Elaine - I smiled outloud when I saw your comment the other day! I for one have missed you....
    fee xx

  3. Wow, I've seen at least 3 things in your photos that I would eagerly get my money out for! I don't think I would want to leave after a day trip, I would take my sleeping bag and treat it as a "luxury" weekend away!!! Hope you find some treasures for your fireplace next time you go. xx