Monday, 29 October 2012


I have spent most of my day today trying to put the house back together after 2 weeks of school holidays.  The House has been blissfully quiet with just the radio and Beau the cat for company.  Blogging has been sparse this year - Life is busy and time at a minimum.  I am about to increase my working days from 3 to 4 days a week, Monday being my day off.  I am feeling a tad apprehensive about this change and am trying my hardest to get organised in order to minimise the stress of running the house.  So I baked today - baking always makes me feel productive and means the tins are full for hungry boys after school.

 First up were digestives ( do they call them 'Graham Cookies' in the states?) - made with 100% wholewheat flour (big bonus).  The recipe came from this blog, and I have to say, despite their 'heavy' appearance they are sweet, crunchy and perfect for dipping.  I reckon they will keep quite well in an air-tight tin too. I have had this recipe in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks now and was intrigued to see they had 'Maple Essence' added to them - I was about to order a bottle from an online website (reluctantly paying the £3.00 added postage) when I stumbled upon a bottle in the deli section of our local Garden Centre...

To say I was chuffed is probably an understatement  - a great little addition to the baking cupboard, it adds a lovely subtle flavour to the biscuits ( and muffins, icing etc..)
Second into the oven today were an old favourite - ginger snaps. I urge you to try  making this biscuit - they are so easy and look like, in my opinion the perfect biscuit.
OK, deep breath....bring on the rest of the week.


  1. Good looking cookies, you have here-)) Nice to meet you, Elaine!

  2. Tose biscuits look so good. I wanted to recommend a book I read recently - 'The Coward's Tale' by Vanessa Gebbie. I thought it one of the best books I've read for a long time. Good luck with the increased working days.

    1. thank you Victoria! I love a book recommendation..going to see if I can get a kindle version now! x

  3. Digestives are often compared to graham crackers or wafers if in Canada but they are not the same. The US crackers are drier than the Canadian ones as well.